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NEW - Q: Wasn't the Tralee Farm originally Bandleader Wayne King's Angus cattle farm and retreat
in the 50's and early 60's?
(Thanks to Bruce for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

NEW - Q: How would I go about finding the record album from the Fox Valley Music Festival in 1977?
I lost the record album and would love to get another copy. A fellow classmate has the year before copy,
but not 1977.  It was light blue with I think red or dark blue lettering. any ideas?
(Thanks to Paulette A. for the question)

Bob P. is also looking for the 1975 album if anyone has one. Record albums can very easily be turned
into MP3s and shared these days. I have experience doing that so if you have a copy of these records
please send me a message using the comment form - Chuck

A: No Answer Yet

Q:Not strictly about C'ville, but one of my High School friends remembers that,
sometime back in the 1960's, a man was gunned down on his front porch or driveway
in Sleepy Hollow.   It was purported to be a "mob hit" and of course was never solved.
However, we cannot for the life of us remember the name of the man who was killed!
Anyone have any clues?

(And no, it's not Tim McNamee, he was killed at his office in C'ville on Rt. 31 north of Huntley Road.)
(Thanks to Susan O. for the question)

NEW - A: Ray Koshman was the guy murdered in Sleepy Hollow, I went to St. Catherine's with one of his sons.
The guy that killed him comitted suicide. Here's a link to a lawsuit connected to the murder. Court Transcripts

(Compliments of Bruce)

A: I was in law enforcement at the time of Mark Husted's death.
He most certainly was not gunned down in Sleepy Hollow, I can assure you.
He did die, but it was in another suburb and it was from a drug overdose.
(Compliments of Joe)

A: I believe it might have been Mark Husted that was shot.
I went to school with his sister Bunny. Believe he and a number of others were part
of a big drug group.
(Compliments of Deb P.)

Q: What was the name of the Rock & Roll club in East Dundee across from The Anvil Club
in the mid '70's?, Was it Dante's Inferno?

NEW - A: The rock club across from Anvil club was called Granny's, and was closed down by the village
due to crime problems. Spike and Rail was in the same building with different owners and
burned down in '81 I believe.
(Compliments of Bruce)

A: I have some info about the Teen club across from the Anvil Club.
Prior to the teen club, it was called Black Jacks (it was a tavern),
this was in the early 70's, I recall going to see a band there when it was a
teen club in the early 80's, maybe 80 or 81? It burned not to long after that.
Kalbergs Ice Cream parlor was at the end of the block.
(Compliments of Michael K.)

Q: This question is more for the 80's or 90's.  What restaurant was in the Denny's building
by Spring Hill Mall before it was Denny's?
(Thanks to Lisa for the question)

NEW - A: Ponderosa was in the Meadowadale Mall, The restaurant By or at Denny's on rt 31 use to be Floyds.
I've asked several people just to make sure and know one remembers that space being a Ponderosa.
Although acrooss the street on the Mall side there has been several Restaurants there, Like TGIF and
some steak house but it's closed.

Also I found out the Bar's names in the Meadowdale Mall it was Kissane's & P M Bentley's where
Ponderosa use to be. (Thanks to Richard G. for the answer)

NEW - A: That location is where Floyds Restaraunt used to be. The Ponderosa/Bonanza, and then finally
PM Bentleys, were in the Meadowdale Mall (inside part).
(Thanks to Mike K. for the answer)

Q:What was the name of the game room in Meadowdale Shopping Center?
(Thanks to Jerry R. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Do you remember or have any old articles on a 1972 or 1973 murder case that happened in Arizona and
a Don Mclean from Carpentersville was arrested for. I can't remember the mans name that was murdered.
But he was from the area.  I remember he was friends with Don Mclean and they met in Arizona
where the murder took place.  

NEW - A !: The name of the person killed in Arizona in the early 70's is Earl Ringwald. Mike G's statement is correct.
I lived on Ash St. at the time and word on the streets was that Earl owed alot of people money and he left town.
(Thanks to Scott S.)

A: The name of the person that was murdered in Arizona is Earl Ringwald.   McLean and another person were
questioned as suspects, however no one was arrested.  They all lived in the same neighborhood
on Pine St. in Carpentersville
(Thanks to Mike G.)

A: Don and I were friends and hung out for a bit.  It was hard to believe that he would do this.
I am pretty sure the one murdered was Earl Burns.   Don used to drive a 65 or 66 ford Galaxy.
(Thanks to Bob R.)

A: Earl burns was not killed in Arizona, he was still around in the early '90s.
I can't remember who was murdered for sure, but I wanna say it was Don?
(Thanks to Jim L.)

Q: I noticed pics of the Evergreen's Restaurant from Dundee.  I remember it, but was never inside it.
The address says "Rt. 31." I don't know if it's even still there.  I tried to find the location with Google Earth
to no avail.  Do you have any idea where along Rt. 31 in Dundee it was located?
(Thanks to Brad S. for the question)

New ! - A: Sylvia's Evergreen Resturant was located at 203 N. 8th st. (route 31) West Dundee.
(Thanks to Bonnie C. - Dundee Township Historical Society - for the Answer)

NEW! - Q: Two people are looking for old photos of Thrush Rd. in Carpentersville.
Does anyone have any photos from the 60's, 70's, or early 80's of Thrush Road?
(Thanks to Jake G. and Vaughn B. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

NEW! - Q: Does anyone have any photos of the Meadowdale Apartments from the 70's, maybe around 1974 - 1977?
(Thanks to Jake G. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

NEW! - Q: Does anyone have any photos from the first Imperial's Band Dance, the Snow Ball in 1974?
(Thanks to Chuck E. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

NEW! - Q: Does anyone have, or can anyone get, a newspaper or at least a clipping of the 1964 sunnyhill
Kindergarden Circus/ Parade thing?
(Thanks to Jake G. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: My friend asked me the name of the restaurant in West Dundee, on Main and
1st Street in the late 70's or 80's.  I told her it was Masi's.  She said that wasn't it.
Could you tell me what other well known restaurants were there, but now are gone?
(Thanks to Linda W. for the question)

New! - A: The restaurant Linda may be remembering was The Town Pump, it was right on the corner.
They had a really neat perpendicular sign (I'm into old signage).  I was in there once, in the '60s
it reminded me of Buffalo Ice Cream in Chicago.
(Thanks to Peggy L. for the answer)

Additional Info: The restaurant at First and Main in West Dundee was Masi's Pizza and bowling alley.
The Town Pump was at Second and Main, right across from West Dundee Village Hall ... that building is
now Francesca's.  I lived in West Dundee from 1961, and my Dad is still there - Susan

The question related to Main and 1st in the late 70s or 80s. I can tell you for a fact that The Town Pump
was on Main and 2nd during that time period (70s and 80s), not at Main and 1st. - Brad

I can assure you that there was no restaurant other than Masi's at Main and 1st in the 60's, 70's or 80's.
However I still think the the Towne Pump may have been the restaurant you were thinking of,
just a block away.  From the Masi's Pizza website: "Masi's Pizzeria started in the Dundee Bowling Alley in 1953."
That was at Main and 1st so it was there for a long time.  When Masi's moved out of that location I do not know.
- Chuck

Q: Does anyone have photos or info about Kiddie Land, I think it was in Dundee
near Santa's Village.   This is not the same Kiddie Land that was in Melrose Park.
(Thanks to Cindy H. for the question)

New ! - A: What we all referred to as "Kiddie Land" was Funland Kiddie Park.
I've also been hunting for photos or info, at least the name is a start.
(Thanks to Peggy L. for the Answer)

Q: I am looking for a photo of R.A. Briggs & Co.
The business was located in Lake Zurich.  If anyone has one it would be a huge help.
(Thanks to Jake G. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Does anybody have any good close up photos of the sign
on top of Meadowdale Water Tower?  It would be much appreciated.
(Thanks to Jake G. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: When did Eastview Elementary School in Algonquin open?
We've heard it was 1952 and that would make this the 60th anniversary.
Thanks to anyone that can provide an answer.
(Thanks to Jim Z. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: I've been trying to find some info online about a murder in Carpentersville
in 1972 or 73 that involved a family named Oshinski?  All of my research into this story had failed
until I found this site and a tantalizing clue that someone else had asked about a murder during
those same years.
(Thanks to LK for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Does anyone have any information about Mark Husted?
My name is Mark Husted. My uncle, who I was named for, is the one they're referring to
in one of the quesions below.  My Dad (Mark Sr.'s brother) has told me a lot, but there's
a lot about Mark that he doesn't remember, and a lot of my other uncles have died.
I would appreciate anything that anyone could tell me about my uncle.
(Thanks to Mark for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Does anyone know how Josephine Perry died?
(Thanks to Ivan G. for the question)

A: I have added some information about Josephine Perry to the Perry Middle School page.
It doesn't say how she died but does tell about her life.
(Thanks to Stan W. for the information)

Q: Does anyone have any old info and/or pictures from the Fox Valley
Rifle Range on Bolz Road?
(Thanks to Joe F. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Do you remember the other murder case that happened in C'ville?
I think it was mid to late 70's.
(Thanks to Don for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: Do you have idea where I could get blue prints for besinger homes from 1950's?
(Thanks to George S. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: What was the name of the restaurant at the intersection of 62 and 25? It's not there anymore.
It was darkish, they had a bar, a little dance floor, and lots of tables.  It was around in 1975 and 1976
I'm sure.  It had a “catchy” name in some way. Not the “Black Angus” that was something else.
I think the restaurant had peanut shells on the floor maybe.
(Thanks to Mike G. for the question)

A: Cattleman's Burger and Brew was the restaurant at 62 & 25.
(Compliments of Maureen B.)

A: Before that it was called the Torch, it had a torch lit every night on top of the sign on the roof.
(Compliments of Stan W.)

Q: Do you remember Team Electronics?  It was in a small strip mall near the middle school
in carpentersville.  There was a car wash next to it.  They moved to Algonquin in the 80s I think.
I heard one of the owners died of cancer back in the 90s.
Is there anyway to get more info on Team Electronics?
(Thanks to Mike S. for the question)

A: No Answer Yet

Q: I heard that Kings Road Elementary School was scheduled to be torn down a few years ago.
I am wondering if it was indeed demolished.  I luckily was in the area in'04 or so, and although
the school had been turned into a daycare, the workers were kind enough to let me take a look around.
I thought the gym was going to be really big as I remembered it, and couldn't believe how small it was
when I revisited it decades after having attended.
(Thanks to Linda E. for the question)

A: Yes, Sad as it seems Kings Road Elementary has been torn down, you can see it on
Google Maps satelite view, not sure exactly when that happened.

Q: What was the name of the smorgasbord in West Dundee?
I think it was in the strip mall across from where the Spring Hill Mall is today on South Western Ave.

A: The smorgasboard in west dundee was the swedish manor, and the nordic steakhouse was adjacent to it and shared the same parking lot. I worked at both places! your website is FANTASTIC.  You have brought back some wonderful memories, thank you.
(Compliments of Silvia R.)

A: I used to cook at the swedish manor on RT 31. The Nordic steak house was right next to it.  The head cooks name was
Dick Chin, a real good cook and boss.  The Manager of the swedish manor was George.  He went on to own the Village Squire,
and think still does...
(Compliments of Mike S.)

Q: Betty M. would like to know;
What was the name of the restaurant on the east side of Hwy 25, near the Dog n Suds, just past Bolz Road, that had a rose on the sign.  You couldnt see the place from Hwy 25.   It was there in the 70's.

A: The name was "Jim Saine's Tralee Farm Restaurant" located on the east side of rt 25 and just north of Bolz road. (Compliments of Richard G.)

A: The resturaunt on the east side of rt.25 just north of Bolz was called Traleee Farm I worked there in 1973 as a bus boy. (Compliments of Ted J.)
Jim Saine's Tralee Farm Restaurant Ad Carpentersville Illinois 1969 History

Q: What was the Perry Middle Mascot? Was it a Wildcat?

A: Yes, Perry's mascot was indeed a wildcat and the school colors are blue and white
(Compliments of Samantha M.)

(Note from Chuck: I remember when we voted on the mascot at Perry when it first opened. One of the possible choices was Blue Devils, another was obviously Wildcats.)

Q: Mr. Sterr was my favorite coach at Crown High. I have heard that he passed away in 1991, is that true?
Found this on the Princeville, Illinois Cemetary web site;
"Sterr, Gary Clyde*; 15 Dec 1944 - 01 Dec 1991; div-row SP-41" Princeville Cemetary Site
Could this be the same Gary Sterr?   He wouldn't have even been 50 when he passed away, that is very sad.

A: Sadly this is true, Mr. Sterr passed away on December 1, 1991 at the age of 46.
I will be making an addition to the In Memory page for Mr. Sterr.
(Thanks to Brad S. for this information)

Q: Do you know where the Kim Cath Lounge was located?
I am pretty sure it was in Elgin or South Elgin, along the river.
My Dad used to cook there and even took me to work with him a couple times.

A: I did Find this and remember my Dad talking about Dick Wiese.
I probably met him at some time but don't remember.   Our sympathy to Dick's family.

MARENGO - Richard D. "Dick" Wiese, 80, of Marengo, died Thursday,
April 1, 2010, at home surrounded by his family.
He was born July 30, 1929, in Elgin, to Walter and Francis (Bellows)
Wiese. On June 5, 1976, he married Alberta "Birdie" Lowery at St. John's
Lutheran Church in Elgin.

He was the co-owner of Wiese's Blvd. Tap in Elgin for 35 years and owner
of Kim.Cath Lounge and Sky's Surf & Turf in South Elgin.
 (Compliments of rootsweb )

Q: Back in the late 1960's there was a fire in one of the apartment buildings across from the police station.  
I believe the address was 509 Maple Ave.  Did anyone die in the fire?  Or was there a little girl involved?

A: Regarding the fire across from the PD in the late 60's, yes a girl that was babysitting died,
If I remember right, her name was Adrian, I don't remember her last name. It was a terrible loss.
(Thanks to Kirk H. for this information)

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