Some of the great network adventure shows of the past

Network Adventure Shows of the 60's and 70's

Assignment: Underwater (1959 - 1961) CBS
Starring:  Bill Williams and Diane Mountford
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Assignment Underwarter TV Series

Flipper (1964 - 1967) NBC
Starring:  Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden, Andy Devine, and Ulla Strömstedt

Daktari (1966 - 1969) CBS
Starring:  Marshall Thompson, Cheryl Miller, Hari Rhodes,
Yale Summers, and Hedley Mattingly

Gentle Ben (1967 - 1969) CBS
Starring:  Bruno the Bear, Clint Howard,
Dennis Weaver, and Beth Brickell

It Takes A Thief (1968 - 1970) ABC
Starring:  Robert Wagner, Malachi Throne,
Fred Astaire, and Ed Binns

Fantasy Island (1978 - 1984) ABC
Starring:  Ricardo Montalbán, Hervé Villechaize,
Christopher Hewett, Wendy Schaal, and Kimberly Beck

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