Some of the great network Sit Coms of the past

The Lost Network Sit Coms of the 60's and 70's...
There were no video clips available for these shows,
but I did provide links to some information about them.

Bringing Up Buddy  (1960 - 1961) CBS
Starring:  Frank Aletter, Enid Markey, and Doro Merande

Mrs. G. Goes To College  (1961 - 1962) CBS
Mrs. "C", Marion Ross, from Happy Days was in this show.
Starring:  Gertrude Berg, Cedric Hardwicke, Mary Wickes,
Skip Ward, and Marion Ross

Grindl  (1963 - 1964) NBC
Starring:  Imogene Coca and James Millhollin

McKeever And The Colonel  (1962 - 1963) NBC
Starring:  Scott Lane, Allyn Joslyn, Jackie Coogan,
Elisabeth Fraser, and Johnny Eimen

Ensign O'Toole  (1962 - 1963) NBC
Disney's Dean Jones (The Love Bug and other films),
Jack Albertson of "Chico and the Man" along with Beau Bridges...
How did this show fail?

Starring:  Dean Jones, Jay C. Flippen, Jack Albertson,
Jack Mullaney, and Beau Bridges

The Cara Williams Show  (1964 - 1965) CBS
Starring:  Cara Williams, Frank Aletter, Reta Shaw,
and Jeanne Arnold

Camp Runamuck  (1965 - 1966) NBC
Starring:  Arch Johnson, Dave Ketchum, Dave Madden,
Hermione Baddeley, and Alice Nunn

The Wackiest Ship in the Army  (1965 - 1966) NBC
Starring:  Jack Warden, Gary Collins, Mike Kellin,
Rudy Solari, and Don Penny

The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe  (1966 - 1966) ABC
Starring:  Red Buttons, Fred Clark, Zeme North,
Marge Redmond, and Parley Baer

The Rounders  (1966 - 1967) ABC
Starring:  Ron Hayes, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills,
Walter Edmiston, and James Brown

To Rome With Love  (1969 - 1971) CBS
Starring:  John Forsythe, Walter Brennan, Joyce Menges,
Susan Neher, and Melanie Fullerton

From A Bird's Eye View  (1971 - 1971) NBC
Starring:  Millicent Martin, Pat Finley, Robert Cawdron,
Peter Jones, and Noel Hood

Guestward Ho!  (1960 - 1961) ABC
Starring:  Joanne Dru, Mark Miller, J. Carrol Naish,
Flip Mark, and Jolene Brand

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