Some of the great network variety shows of the past

Network Variety Shows of the 60's and 70's - Part 1

Candid Camera (1948 - 2004) CBS/NBC
Starring:  Allen Funt, Arthur Godfrey, John Bartholomew Tucker, Dorothy Collins, and Durward Kirby

Ed Sullivan Show (1948 - 1971) CBS
Starring:  Ed Sullivan, Art Hannes, and Ralph Paul

Red Skelton Show (1951 - 1971) CBS/NBC
Starring:  Red Skelton, Art Gilmore, Johnny Carson, and David Rose

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (1951- 1963) NBC
Starring:  Dinah Shore, Frank DeVol, The Even Dozen, The Tony Charmoli Dancers, The Nick Castle Dancers

Art Linkletter's House Party (1952 - 1971) CBS/NBC
Starring:  Art Linkletter

Andy Williams Show (1959 - 1971) NBC
Starring:  Andy Williams

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