Some of the great network sit coms of the past

Network Sit Coms of the 60's and 70's - Part 11

Doris Day Show (1968 - 1973) CBS
Starring:  Doris Day, Philip Brown, Todd Starke, Denver Pyle, Rose Marie, and McLean Stevenson

Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1968 - 1970) NBC/ABC
Starring:  Hope Lange, Edward Mulhare, Charles Nelson Reilly, Kellie Flanagan, and Harlen Carraher

Julia (1968 - 1971) NBC
Starring:  Diahann Carroll, Lloyd Nolan, Marc Copage,
Michael Link, and Betty Beaird

Mayberry RFD (1968 - 1971) CBS
Starring:  Ken Berry, Frances Bavier, Alice Ghostley,
Arlene Golonka, and Charles Lampkin

Bill Cosby Show (1969 - 1971) NBC
Starring:  Bill Cosby, Fred Pinkard, Joyce Bulifant,
Lee Weaver, and Olga James
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The Bill Cosby Show

Love American Style (1969 - 1974) ABC
Starring:  Various Guest Stars
The Happy Days TV Show Got Its Start On Love American Style.

My World and Welcome To It (1969 - 1970) NBC
Starring:  William Windom, Lisa Gerritsen, Joan Hotchkis,
Harold J. Stone, and Henry Morgan

Room 222 (1969 - 1974) ABC
Starring:  Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Michael Constantine, Karen Valentine, and Bruno Kirby

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