Some of the great network sit coms of the past

Network Sit Coms of the 60's and 70's - Part 3

Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 - 1966) CBS
Starring:  Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Rose Marie,
Morey Amsterdam, and Larry Mathews

The Dick Van Dyke Show won 15 Emmy Awards.
The first video is my all time favorite show, "It May Look Like A Walnut".
From Season 2, Episode 20 in 1963...

Hazel (1961 - 1966) NBC/CBS
Starring:  Shirley Booth, Don DeFore, Whitney Blake, Bobby Buntrock, and Ann Jillian

Ichabod and Me (1961 - 1962) CBS
Starring:  Robert Sterling, George Chandler, Reta Shaw,
Jimmy Hawkins, and Burt Mustin

Margie (1961 - 1962) ABC
Starring:  Cynthia Pepper, Penny Parker, Wesley Tackitt,
Hollis Irving, and Tommy Ivo
(Not to be confused with the show from the 50's "My Little Margie")

Mr. Ed (1961 - 1966) CBS
Starring:  Alan Young, Connie Hines, Allan "Rocky" Lane, Bamboo Harvester, and Larry Keating

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