Some of the great network kids shows and cartoons of the past

Network Kids Shows and cartoons of the 60's and 70's - Part 6

George of the Jungle (1967 - 1967) ABC
Starring:  Bill Scott, Paul Frees, June Foray,
and Daws Butler
Watch out for that treeeee...!!

Speed Racer (1967 - 1968) Syndicated
Starring:  Peter Fernandez, Corinne Orr, Jack Grimes,
and Jack Curtis
Clips for this show are hard to find - Go Speed Racer Go !!

Aquaman (1968 - 1970) CBS
Starring:  Marvin Miller, Jerry Dexter, Diana Maddox,
and Ted Knight
Ted Knight from the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Caddy Shack

Banana Splits 1968 1970 (19 - 19) NBC
Starring:  Jeff Winkless, Terence H. Winkless, Dan Winkless, Paul Winchell, and Daws Butler
There's that Daws Butler again :)

Danger Island (1968 - 1968) NBC
Starring:  Jan-Michael Vincent, Frank Aletter, Ronne Troup,
Rockne Tarkington, and Kim Kahana
Yes, that is Jan Michael Vincent.

The Archies (1968 - 1969) CBS
Starring:  Dallas McKennon, Howard Morris, Jane Webb, and John Erwin
Sugar Sugar, Oh, Honey Honey...

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