Some of the great network kids shows and cartoons of the past

Network Kids Shows and Cartoons of the 60's and 70's Part 1

The Howdy Doody Show (1947 - 1960) ABC
Starring:  Buffalo Bob Smith, Lew Anderson, Robert Nicholson, Dayton Allen, and Bob Keeshan
Notice that Bob Keeshan was part of this show also, he is also known as "Captain Kangaroo"

Ding Dong School (1952 - 1956) NBC
Billed as "the Nursery school of the air", and was hosted by
Dr. Frances Horwich, known as Miss Frances.  It originated
from the WMAQ-TV studios in Chicago, Illinois.  The show
was broadcast live, and at one point was the most popular
TV series aimed at pre-schoolers.  New episodes were eventually
videotaped and syndicated from 1959 through 1965.

The Adventures of Superman (1952 - 1958) NBC
Another classic show that lived on for years in reruns.
Starring:  George Reeves, Noel Neill, Phillis Coates, Jack Larson, and John Hamilton

Romper Room (1953 - 1984) Syndicated
This show was broadcast in many cities across the USA with various hosts.  In Chicago the show was broadcast on
WFLD and WGN and the Hostesses were; Miss Rosemary Rapp in the 50's and Miss Beverly Marston starting in 1964.
Starring:  Rosemary Rapp and Beverly Marston

Captain Kangaroo (1955 - 1984) CBS
Starring:  Bob Keeshan, Hugh Brannum, Debbie Weems, and Cosmo 'Gus' Allegretti

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