Some of the great network lawyer shows of the past

Network Law Shows of the 60's and 70's - Part 2

Sam Benedict (1962 - 1963) NBC
Starring:  Edmond O'Brien, Richard Rust, and Joan Tomkins
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Sam Benedict 1962 TV Show
Sam Benedict on Crazy About

The Trials Of O'Brien (1965 - 1966) CBS
Starring:  Peter Falk, Joanna Barnes, David Burns,
Dolph Sweet, and Ilka Chase
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Trials of Obrien 1965 TV Show
Trials of O'Brien at Wiki

Court Martial (1966 - 1966) ABC
Starring:  Peter Graves, Bradford Dillman, Kenneth J. Warren,
Angela Browne, and Diane Clare

The Young Lawyers (1970 - 1971) ABC
Starring:  Lee J. Cobb, Judy Pace, Zalman King, and Phillip Clark

Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (1971 - 1974) ABC
Starring:  Arthur Hill, Lee Majors, Joan Darling,
Christine Matchett, and David Soul

The Paper Chase (1978 - 1986) CBS
Starring:  John Houseman, James Stephens, James Keane,
Tom Fitzsimmons, and Francine Tacker
The Paper Chase Intro starts at 3:40

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