Some of the great network drama shows of the past

Network Drama Shows of the 60's and 70's - Part 2

The Immortal (1969 - 1971) ABC
Starring:  Christopher George, Don Knight, and David Brian

The Magician (1973 - 1974) NBC
Starring:  Bill Bixby
I really liked this show but it was short lived.
NBC had high hopes for the show but it never really took off.

Movin' On (1974 - 1976) NBC
Starring:  Claude Akins and Frank Converse

Thriller (1960 - 1962) NBC
Starring:  Boris Karloff

Mr. Novak (1963 - 1965) NBC
Starring:  James Franciscus, Dean Jagger, Marion Ross, Vince Howard, and Marian Collier

Slattery's People (1965 - 1965) CBS
Starring:  Richard Crenna, Edward Asner, Tol Avery,
Maxine Stuart, and Kathie Browne

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