Some of the great network police shows of the past

Network Police Shows of the 60's and 70's - Part 1

Naked City (1958 - 1963) ABC
Starring:  Paul Burke, Horace McMahon, Harry Bellaver, James Franciscus, and John McIntire

The Untouchables (1959 - 1963) ABC
Starring:  Robert Stack, Abel Fernandez, Nicholas Georgiade,
Paul Picerni, and Pepper Curtis.  Pepper Curtis is my aunt and
she was in one episode of The Untouchables:
The King of Champagne - 25 May 1961 (Season 2, Episode 30)

Everglades (1961 - 1962) Syndicated
Starring:  Ron Hayes and Gordon Cosell (Click on the images for show info)
Everglades TV Show Graphic Everglades TV Show Graphic

The New Breed (1961 - 1962) ABC
Starring:  Leslie Nielsen, John Clarke, John Beradino,
Byron Morrow, and Greg Roman
The New Breed Intro Starts at 4:20

Felony Squad (1966 - 1969) ABC
Starring:  Howard Duff, Dennis Cole, and Ben Alexander

Dragnet (1967 - 1970) NBC
Starring:  Jack Webb and Harry Morgan

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