Some of the great network detective shows of the past

Network Detective Shows of the 60's and 70's - Part 1

77 Sunset Strip (1958 - 1964) ABC
Starring:  Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes, Richard Long, and Jacqueline Beer

Hawaiian Eye (1959 - 1963) ABC
Starring:  Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Poncie Ponce, and Troy Donahue
This is one show I had forgotten about, but what a great show!
I only wish there were more clips on the internet to share.

Surfside 6 (1960 - 1962) ABC
Starring:  Lee Patterson, Troy Donohue, Van Williams,
Diane McBain, and Margarita Sierra

Target: The Corruptors! (1961 - 1962) ABC
Starring:  Stephen McNally, Robert Harland, and Harold J. Stone

Target: The Corruptors!

Burke's Law (1963 - 1965) CBS
Starring:  Gene Barry, Regis Toomey, Gary Conway, and Eileen O'Neill

The FBI (1965 - 1974) ABC
Starring:  Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Philip Abbott, William Reynolds, Shelly Novack, and Stephen Brooks

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