Some of the great network doctor shows of the past

Network Medical and Doctor Shows of the 60's and 70's

Ben Casey (1961 - 1966) ABC
Starring:  Vince Edwards, Sam Jaffe, Bettye Ackerman-Jaffe,
Jeanne Bates, and Stella Stevens

Dr. Kildare (1961 - 1966) NBC
Starring:  Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey, Leslie Nielsen, Lee Meriwether, and Hayden Rorke.  

Marcus Welby M.D. (1969 - 1976) ABC
Starring:  Robert Young, James Brolin, and Elena Verdugo

Medical Center (1969 - 1976) CBS
Starring:  James Daly, Chad Everett, Audrey Totter,
Jayne Meadows, and Jane Dulo

Emergency! (1972 - 1978) NBC
Starring:  Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup,
Randolph Mantooth, and Kevin Tighe.   Spinoff of Adam 12.
* Credits start at about 3 minutes

Quincy M.E. (1976 - 1983) NBC
Starring:  Jack Klugman, Robert Ito, Garry Walberg,
John S. Ragin, and Val Bisoglio

Trapper John M.D. (1979 - 1986) CBS
Starring:  Pernell Roberts, Gregory Harrison, Charles Siebert,
Christopher Norris, and Brian Mitchell

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