Our Heroes -
Teachers and Others That Made a Difference In Our Lives

Everyone remembers at least one person that helped change a life, these are some of those people.

Where are they now?   If you are one of these people, or know where they can be reached, please contact us.  There are people that would like to thank them for what they have done.   Even after all of these years some people are unforgettable.

In no particular order:

  • A teacher from Lakewood that had a great impression on me and was my Grammar teacher.
    His name was Monroe A.Toussaint who was a published author.
    He wrote a book called "With The Squirrels on the Hill"
    which he told me was about his home.

    Thank you,
    Frank G.

  • I grew up in Carpentersville and had a couple of teachers that I remember to this day.
    I was wondering, "Where are they now?"

    Their names are:

    • Mr. Barton - Kings Road Elementary

    • Ms. Bennett - Gym - Kings Road Elementary

    • Mrs. Quick - Speech - Kings Road Elementary

    • Mr. Miller - Band - Crown High

    Thank you,
    Carl D.

  • A few people that I would like to thank for having a positive influence and making a difference in my life;

    • Mr. Rayka - Gym Teacher and Vice Principal - Perry Middle, Principal - Kings Road Elementary

    • Mrs. Karol Bullen - Math - Perry Middle and Crown High

    • Mrs. Jill McMahon - English - Crown High

    • Mr. Preis - Baseball Coach - Carpentersville Little League

    • Mr. Gary Sterr - Driver's Education and Wrestling Coach - Crown High

    • (Unfortunately Mr. Miller, Mr. Preis and Mr. Sterr have all passed away)

    Thank you,
    Chuck E.

** Do you have special teacher, coach, friend, parent, or someone that you would like to acknowledge?
     Let me know and we will post them here. Just fill out the Comments Page