Pictures of our house, neighborhood and area in the 60's and 70's

Carpentersville Water Tower

 Carpentersville, Dundee, Algonquin, Cary, Lake in the Hills,
 Barrington, Meadowdale, Elgin, Sleepy Hollow...
 They were all great places to grow up in the 60's and 70's.
 Here are some scenes from around the area, both recent and from the distant past.

C'ville water tower
recent photo

From Mike Gallery - Haeger's Bend - Algonquin, Il.

Here's a picture of Haegers Bend I ran across this evening.  I grew up in a house right on the narrowest part of the river where the sharpest bend you see is.  I can't guess when this was taken, I'm going say it was in the 1960's.   Those of you familiar with Haegers Bend now know that all the empty land you see is chock full o' houses.   That empty land was not part of Haegers Bend.  Haegers Bend ends at the bridge that crosses over the channel.   The Starretts used to own all that land at the bottom of the picture.  Caroline Starrett lived in the house to the left of the factory which made something.  They were discreet about whatever it was. - Mike G.

Heager's Bend - Carpentersville, Il.
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Photos from the Engels Family archives

I don't know the exact date of the fire, if anyone remembers please let me know.

Wintergarden Pharmacy Fire

Carpentersville Little League Rosters from 1964
Complete Carpentersville Little League Rosters
from 1964 ( I think )
Mr Donuts ad

Mr Donuts, what a great place !!

Amarillo Court Birthday Party 1966, Earl and Keith Maycroft, Justin Tennison, Rob Issel and more
Amarillo Court Birthday Party 1966
Earl and Keith Maycroft, Justin Tennison,
Bob Issel, me and my brother Bruce and others

Art Little, Dave Maycroft, Chuck and Bruce Engels in 1979
L-R: Art Little, Chuck Engels,
Dave Maycroft and Bruce Engels 1979

Bruce Engels, Rob Issel
Rob Issel and Bruce Engels 1970
Bruce Engels at Science Fair
Bruce Engels at Science Fair
Bruce Engels, Todd Cox
Bruce Engels and Todd Cox
Debbie Murphy Perry Middle School
Debbie Murphy at Perry Middle School
Rob Issel, Rex Garwick, Chuckie Maycroft
Rob Issel
Sue and Chuckie  Maycroft, Steve Vetter, Tony Smoody Sue Maycroft, Tony Smoody, Steve Vetter, Tom Schmidt
Todd Cox Tony Smoody, Mike Margliano

Various Images from Days Gone By
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