The Irving Crown Marching Imperials (and Vikings) - Page 4

The Best Marching Band Ever - Part 4

Half Time performance at Soldiers Field Chicago in 1979
Half Time Performance at Soldiers Field in Chicago 1979

Unloading the truck at Soldier Field in Chicago 1979
Loading the truck at Soldier Field in Chicago, 1979

Imperials at Soldier Field 1979 Imperials play during half time of a Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field in Chicago, 1979

Irving Crown Imperials Parade 1982 - Carpentersville History Irving Crown Imperial Parade Banner - Carpentersville History

1983 Irving Crown Imperials program cover - Carpentersville History

On the road with the Irving Crown Imperials and the Dundee Scots - Carpentersville History
A Very Special Thanks to Carl D. for some of these great images !!

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