Algonquin, Illinois

A fun town within biking distance from Carpentersville

The park, the shops, the restaurants, it was always fun to visit Algonquin.

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Main Street Algonquin Illinois in the early 60's, Carpentersville Area History
Anybody that has ever been to Algonquin remembers this view.

Ben Franklin Store Algonquin Illinois advertisement from 1966
Advertisement from The Times Newspaper 1966

A view of the dining room and outside of Simonini's Restaurant in Algonquin Illinios

Simonini's Restaurant in Algonquin Illinois
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Algonquin 7th and 8th Grade Art Contest January 1970
Algonquin 7th and 8th grade art contest January 1970, Algonquin Illinois History

Algonquin Women's Club use Little House, January 1970

Algonquin 1967 Algonquin Parade 1973
Algonquin Postcard Algonquin 1985
Harbor Inn Algonquin 1981 Port Edward Menu
Simonini's Menu Cover Simonini's Menu

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